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I did Christmas PJ's when my kids were younger too. At 17-27, they're no longer interested in the cute pictures. I'm lucky if I can get one of them smiling. ;)

Happy Holidays!


LOL! The tradition was passed down from my parents, your grandparents. Even my generation recognized the duplicity at an early age, but for us it evolved into heightened expectation for more enticing gifts. However, I agree it is time to update tradition and put your own spin on Christmas Eve -- one that your children find so delightful (or annoying) they pass it along.

I suggest you plan ahead for Easter, too.


We do the Christmas pjs here, both Sara and I continued it. My kid still love it an we get them involved. They get to help choose mom and dads pjs so they feel like its something for them too. We always try to choose something new for the pjs for them too, maybe footed or furry or silky. Make your spin however it works for your family.

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