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Good job!

I can't help you out more. I had boys. If a little boy is mean, they just get punched. Problem solved. Probably not to some parents satisfaction, but it's usually the end of it and they move on.

Little girls are vicious!


I never thought I could raise girls either, but all four turned out to be caring, creative women,tough enough to face and take on incredible tasks way beyond what I envisioned. Sounds like you handled this, too. Keep telling her you love her and are proud of her, and that sometimes people are mean. You are right to empower her to say "NO! That is not the truth!" and choose nice people, people that accept each other and support each other, for friends. She'll find people that love her. You did.
The heartbreak part...well, that goes with being a good mother, an unavoidable consequence of loving them enough to help them be exactly who they are in the world.

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