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Kim Tracy Prince

I love that you are sharing this. I'll be starting a new blog soon that chronicles my journey in selling/buying a home - a process that terrifies me. This post is exactly the kind of thing I want to read to help me through it. Thank you for being so brave and putting it out there. It makes the world of real estate less scary.


It has been a month since you moved into Phase 2 with Countrywide/BofA... I would love to know if they moved you into Phase 3 now?
Countrywide is the worst!


Hi Sophie- no such luck. We are still in phase two and just found out today that although we were given information that the BPO had been ordered it actually has not. So we have been in phase two for about 45 days now and have had zero progress. Supposedly the escalation that was supposed to occur on the 13th of August has either not happened or has done nothing for us. Go figure!

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