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Oh wow. I thought for sure you'd be in the throws of packing and moving by now.

I'm sorry, I know it's a very unsettling feeling.

About rental properties... You're not even lying. Last summer our new house was still under construction and we had to be in the "district" for the Kidlet to go to school. We looked at some properties that were so bad I never made it past the front door.


I currently have my house on the market as a short sale. We got an offer within the first week it was up. Countrywide is my mortgage company and they finally gave approval for my buyers the day AFTER they (the buyers) terminated the contract. They patiently waited, 7 months for that approval! We now have another buyer and are in week 2 of waiting for the approval all over again. While it is frustrating to you, it is also frustrating to your seller. Hang in there!


What a pain! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Mrs M

aaaarrrgggghhhhhhh - I feel you pain! Why not take a long vacation to visit me instead, no yucky rentals! OK, a girl can dream.....


Wow- so nice to know there is someone else out there living the same stresful life I am right now. We put a bid in on a short sale house back in March! We are stuck in phase 2 and keep hearing we should hear our answer any day. (yeah right!) We know better now.
We have moved into a temporary rental in the right district but not the same school for my son, which may mean a switch mid yr if this ever goes through.
The whole thing is absolutely aggrivating.
I am beginning to feel like we will never get an answer and we have not see n any other houses on the market that we like as much. Just plain stuck!


Good luck CEC- sounds like you have even more time invested in this than we do. Sure hope it works out for you as well- and I know the hardest part is when the kids are uprooted- so I will hope for your sake that it works out quickly so you can get your son in the right school on time!

Cynthia A.

It's bittersweet to know that others are experiencing this. Bitter because no one should ever have to experience this. The anxiety that comes with the long, drawn-out process is ridiculous. Sweet because we are not alone. There has to be some sort of club for us "the Short Sale Buyer's Club".

My husband and I had a speed wedding within 2 weeks so that we could put an offer in on a house. (we needed our joint income to qualify for our loan) Our offer was put in April 10, 2009 and then cancelled for a day or two, because Countrywide said they didn't receive the papers requested (of course we had a fax confirmation)so now, we are supposedly waiting for a Phase 2 negotiator to be assigned. (who knows how long that will take).

Anyway, enough on my rant, good luck to everyone in a short sale. Let's hang in there together!!!


Good luck to you too Cynthia! It sounds like you have been waiting longer than I have... I'm right there with you in the "short sale buyers club". Well, I'm in the "short sale waiting club" for now!


Can't believed this short sale dilemma everyone have with countrywide. Can Bank of America do something on this please??? It is your name at stake now.


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