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I have been to Vegas once and probably will never go back. I think it's the insecurity in me. I couldn't handle by husband looking at the hot girls in their bikinis. LOL

I;m glad you had a good time. Happy birthday to your hubby!!!



I'm glad you got to get away, even if it was "tourist-y."

Paul C

Well, a vacation is Vegas isn't the same when you live there. You're right about the level of intoxication, you should be completely drunk to enjoy and endure the Las Vegas Strip!

As for the Mongolian BBQ... Nothing compares to Mongolian BBQ in Big Bear, but that place is gone now too.

I hope all is well! Your children are getting big. Where has the time gone?

All the best,

Paul C


Right you are about Mongolian BBQ in Big Bear. I only wish they were still open the last time I was there... Ahh the good old days. Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs M

Sounds like you guys had some fun. It is so hard not being all grown up and sensible isn't it - even when you don'y have the kids with you!
Some good friends of ours are planning a trip to Vegas and asked us to go with them, I think they were gutted when my excitement was the possibility of meeting you and not seeing the 'strip' - oh well.......

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